Introducing the ultimate payment service
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You ever thought of just one way to receive payments on your app, website, store, class or just anywhere you are in the world with or without internet?
Zapay is the only way to pay and get paid for free, even cross-border payments. We mean it.

Lightning Fast Payment

You know how thunder strikes? Fast!. Zapay is making payment move faster than any possible fast.

Grow More

Zapay would shift off your focus from monitoring payments every second, phishing attempts, unauthorized-transaction chargebacks while you focus on growing. Let's face the stress, you be blessed.

Cloud-Based Offline Blockchain

We make you not bother about being online, even when the Cloud is dark, we're there for you.

Bridging the Online-Offline Gap

You don't need Zapay icon to pay anywhere, we allow you pay even when there's no internet.

100s of options to make life better

This page can't list all of the way we would definitely change your you, lifestyle, business, contracts, freelancing, market.
You are important as an audience.

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